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"Thank you so much Carla!! You are a champion! I am doing far better than expected and I know that all your knowledge and guidance has contributed enormously! People around me are amazed at how well I look and how much energy I have. I'm beyond happy with how I am going."*

*Julie has Metastatic Breast Cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy

Julie (East Brighton)

"Carla it was so great to meet with you this week. I am amazed that in 30 minutes I had clear answers on all my health concerns that I had been seeing the doctors about repeatedly over the past year. I am excited to see my body change now. Thank you so much."

Nicole (Crib Point)

"Carla has been absolutely fantastic. Her kind nature and understanding made me feel so comfortable. Carla really listened to my female problems and after the first consultation she helped my hormones back into balance. I highly recommend Carla and her professional knowledge and will be referring friends and family who need to seek naturopathic advice see Carla."

Jessica (Mornington)

"I am indeed fortunate to have Carla Wrenn as my naturopath. I have found her well researched advice and guidance invaluable. Carla adopts an integral approach to health care to encourage the best possible outcome, combining a scientific understanding of illness with nutritional medicine. Her wisdom and experience has definitely helped me achieve optimal wellness. Thank you Carla."*

*Judy is a long term patient who Carla has supported through her Cancer journey to achieve optimal health.

Judy (Broadford)

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