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PROSPER Oncology Support Training for Practitioners

Carla is delighted to invite fellow Naturopathic and Nutritional Practitioners to accelerate their knowledge in the growth area of Oncology Support. 

This comprehensive training program will step you through how to improve the life of patients with cancer, supporting them wherever they are on their journey. By providing integrative oncology support using safe and evidence based complementary and lifestyle medicines alongside their conventional therapies.


"I can not wait to share this program with my colleagues. It’s everything I know and do!" - Carla Wrenn


You will be inspired, supported and hit the ground organised, confident and ready to serve. Step with Carla into this growth area of natural and integrative medicine practice as Carla looks to create a collaborative network to better support this patent group. 

"Supporting clients in the oncology space is always challenging, so much is required in terms of knowledge of medications and interactions. PROSPER builds your confidence in working with oncologists and supporting clients holistically whatever stage of treatment they are at. The training is very detailed, evidenced based and supported by indepth notes and access to relevant research." - Christine P (Naturopath & Nutritionist)

"I found Carla Wrenn’s PROSPER oncology course to be generously comprehensive with immediate relevancy within the clinic space. One of the major things I took away from the course is that we can offer patients support on so many different levels and really make a difference in their lives." - Jillian U (Pharmacist & Naturopath)

“A must-do course for Australasian practitioners working with people with cancer, providing a robust and workable framework on which to base our recommendations” - Trina D (Naturopath)

VM Spectrum Sessions: Services

You will thoroughly examine the following topics with Carla and on occasion her expert Colleagues:

  • PROSPER - Where to start in Oncology Support and why?

  • Hope - Understanding your skill set in cancer care as a Nutritionist or Naturopathic Practitioner.

  • The Plan - The Integrative Oncology Natural Medicine Treatment Tree

  • The Journey - Cancer diagnosis, presentations, staging, treatment options, the process, 'must do' pathology and our place in this care.

  • The Goals - Address the 4 key goals of integrative cancer care, plus meeting the Patient and the Practitioner needs.

  • The Case - The essential consult structure and 'how to' cancer care in your practice including consults, programs & the group practice models.

  • The Rules - Golden ones, resources to trust, creating conversations with other health professionals, how to safely weigh it all up and celebrate our 'own lane'.

  • Our Tool Box - The favourite oncology support options, powerful modifiable lifestyle medicine and the resources.

  • Dietary Medicine - Basic principles, then fasting, ketogenic, cardiometabolic, plant based and more.

  • Supporting the Journey - Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy; 'adjunctive' side effect management, clinical trials and the blessing of the waiting game. End of life care with purpose.

  • Exploring Specific Cancers - How and when to personalise the care plan.

  • The Care Team

  • Practitioner Self Care

  • PROSPER Chats - Bonus interviews with some of Australia's most respected practitioners, researchers and entrepreneurs. 



"Working with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer was not initially a focus in my clinic, but working in a small town word of mouth led to referrals from my current clients to care for their family members with cancer diagnosis. With Carla's education and support I have been able to confidently and effectively support these patients alongside their standard oncology care to reduce their side effects and improve their wellbeing. This work is so rewarding and has led to a huge growth in my clinic." - Teneille O (Naturopath)

"This course has allowed me to PROSPER in a whole new way professionally and personally. I was feeling like I had no direction in my practice and no way to stand out in the crowd of practitioners. I have now found my passion and a whole new group of clients to work with, my practice has grown so much, I have too! Thanks for showing me how to PROSPER Carla." - Sarah G (Naturopath)

"From how to accurately take the case of an oncology patient to more complex points like how to understand and avoid drug: nutrient interactions and how to best communicate with oncologists and other specialists... Carla has been paramount in helping me move into supporting patients with cancer and their loved ones. Carla's knowledge is exceptional and her skill and care around ensuring I look after myself while helping this sometimes emotive patient group has been so helpful too." - Chris W (Nutritionist)

"Regular support from Carla with my cancer care patients has made me feel like I have a colleague I can really rely on, a session with her makes even the most complex cases and questions seem logical and manageable. Thanks Carla." - Liz C (Naturopath & Nutritionist)

"I always said "I don't do Cancer" as I was terrified of it! I needed to overcome my fear, so I signed up for the Prosper training. It was very informative without being overwhelming and Carla is a great teacher who always answers any questions. I feel much more confident now and I'm looking forward to helping more clients. My biggest take-away was that I don't have to treat all types of cancers, I can niche and choose as I like!" - Liza M (Naturopath)


Self-paced 8 Module Online Practitioner Training - Starts now and available until the end of July 2024


A self-paced program where you can start anytime from sign up until sold out and work through the 8 modules at your own pace with all content available until the end of July 2024. 


Each module runs for around 1 hour with total content time being 11 hours when you include our very exciting BONUS session. 


  • 8 Module Online Seminar

  • BONUS 'PROSPER Chats' - interviews with some of Australia's most respected practitioners, researchers and entrepreneurs. 

  • Digital Notes

  • Digital Resources

  • Closed 'PROSPER Oncology Support Practitioner Group' Facebook Support

  • Access to Carla's 22 years of Clinical Experience

  • Access to reduce cost 1:1 mentoring with Carla for 2024 for ongoing support - $89 each, normally $125

Can't start right away? It's ok, this course is designed for self paced learning to suit your schedule. However all content must be completed by the end of July 2024.


$799 (incl. GST) - Buy your ticket HERE


Anywhere you are! Your home, clinic or favourite cafe...

No flights, transport, parking, accomodation or time out of your life required, join the live events or set your own time and pace wherever you are.

Boring Bits:

  • No refunds available

  • In the event of non attendance/completion by end of July 2024 strictly no extensions or refund will be given.

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