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"Acute Care Naturopathy & Nutrition is an offering that makes great sense for your patients, your business and our industry. Just pause and think who is looking after your patients acute health needs when things crop up between appointments with you?I am so proud of all we are achieving at Peninsula Herbal Dispensary and I can't wait to share our 20 years of acute care experience with you in this inspiring and actionable training." - Carla Wrenn

Learn With Me: Acute Care Training for Practitioners 

After a very successful 20 years offering Acute Care we have learnt a lot at Peninsula Herbal Dispensary about this often undervalued offering for Herbalists, Naturopaths and Nutritionists. Join Carla for this two part training to share all the steps to create an acute care offering in your business and reap the benefits for your patients and business, whether you are operating your clinic virtually or you have a bricks and mortar practice.


"My hope is this training inspires more practitioners to set up acute care apothecaries or dispensaries for their communities." - Carla Wrenn 

Thursday 23rd and 30th May 2024 at 7pm AEST - Join live or watch via the recordings at a time that suits you. 

VM Spectrum Sessions: Services

Take a deep dive with Carla Wrenn to examine acute care consults as a new level of profitable complementary medicine healthCARE.

Over two online sessions we will - 

Cover the Basics:

  • define acute care consults​

  • look at triage v's 1:1 consultations in complementary medicine 

  • review how well you currently meet the health needs of all socioeconomic groups in your community

  • examine what healthcare options your patients are currently using for acute ailments between appointments

  • examine the 'gap' in your communities market and why acute care naturopathy is not the same as visiting a health food store or chemist

  • discuss your own experience of acute care prescribing

Talk Business: 

  • analyse money and acute care

  • compare 'free' to paid acute care options

  • discuss 'bonus' money opportunities in the acute care setting

  • review what is required to provide acute care consults

  • understand how the process differs for virtual v's bricks and mortar clinic settings

  • unpack why acute care is a premium business offering and a marketing dream


Deep Dive on the 'How To':

  • learn a proven 5 step acute care consult process

  • learn the Peninsula Herbal Dispensary 'Signature System'

  • discuss some rules and red flags

  • share some clinical and business pearls to provide an exceptional acute care service

  • role play some acute care consults - Carla will show you how it's done

  • develop your 8 - 12 core acute care dispensary & discover Carla's go to favourites

  • learn about our favourite Peninsula Herbal Dispensary acute care formulas & some 'trade secrets' for success

Be Inspired:

  • reflect on why offering acute care is great for our industry

  • reinvigorate your love for the 'old school' simple home remedies & your place as a healer in your community

Get Your Questions Answered:

  • facilitate a question time for you to get all your questions answered

  • offer for reduced rate practitioner 1:1 mentoring with Carla to support your business acute care development

You will leave with a:

  • clear plan to support patients

  • new business ideas

  • a proven system

  • PDF notes 

  • presentation recording

  • CPE completion certificate

Two Online Practitioner Training -Thursday 23rd and 30th May 2024 at 7pm AEST

Join live or watch via the recordings at a time that suits you until the end of August 2024


Full Price $149 HERE 

Two Part Payment Plan $80x2 (total $160) - due on purchase and before 30/5/24 - failure to pay by the due date will lead to session 2 lockout HERE


  • Purchase are non-refundable.

  • In the event of the 3 month link expiring no refund will be given.


Please complete the Contact Form here to ask any questions.

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