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Learn With Me: Practitioner Mentoring Sessions 

This 26 session program and mentoring sessions are a step by step approach to creating and achieving personal, clinical and professional success. A legacy of sorts to Carla's 23 years of learning, consulting and establishing multiple successful businesses in the Complementary Medicine Industry. Learn With Me is a collection of paced sessions and mentoring designed by Carla Wrenn to educate and empower Naturopaths and Nutritionists to achieve their DREAMS. 

This program will have a clinical focus while also covering business and professional development. Carla will share her strengths, skills and lessons from 23 years in practice and business; building multiple successful business arms from Peninsula Herbal Dispensary to practitioner education and a professional speaking career. 


Nothing will be off limits as we work together, as a group and individually in 2 x 1:1 mentoring sessions, Carla aims to help you see the sky is the limit. Creating a step by step plan to achieving all your dreams in 2024 and beyond. Whether it be a full virtual clinic, a practice full of niched patients, developing a product line, becoming a leading practitioner, securing your dream clinic position or owning the clinic! Maybe it’s something else altogether? Let's get started now to make 2024 and the next 10 years your best yet!


So, while each week we focus on the big picture, Carla also acknowledges that even the most experienced practitioners often need a safe place to ask any questions that they have about cases in their own clinic. So monthly there will be an opportunity to ask case-based questions, workshop ideas and get clinical clarity and confidence with even the trickiest cases in your practice. Plus, the opportunity to present a case (if this interests you) to share your success or for group support, assistance & feedback.

While the focus of this 6 month program will be on a step by step approach to creating and achieving personal, clinical and professional success, Carla will be sure to meet you where you are at in the initial 1:1 sessions to really find your why's for joining the mentoring, ensuring each member of the group has personalised care.

"I loved the 'Learn with Me' mentoring course.  Carla brings a wealth of experience and gives so much great information for building your practice as well as many pearls you can use in-clinic.  One of the reasons I did the course is because Carla has a very successful herbal dispensary.  Now I've gone from working from home and feeling a bit isolated to opening my own acute care herbal dispensary!  The advice and support I've received from Carla has been instrumental in giving me the confidence to move forward with the shop.  The other part I've really enjoyed is being part of the Learn with Me online community and being able to interact with other naturopaths and share ideas.  Absolutely no regrets.  I've done a lot of edu-taining myself and this was worth every cent." - Naturopath Vera

"Thank you so much, Carla, for sharing everything you know with us SO generously!  It's a hair-blowing -back experience. I haven't been in another course/ workshop/ conference where everything that is shared is pure gold and I just want to write everything down to make sure I don't forget any of it. After this course - you don't need to search for another one. All the information about how to be successful in your natural medicine niche - is here. You just need to put the information to use now and act on it. It's been a long time after finishing my Nat degree, and I was looking for courage to approach it again and the practical steps to navigate opening my own business. In your course you gave everything thats needed. I also treasure your references to all the other sources, podcasts, web pages, etc. You somehow managed to demystify that beast that running my own Nat business seemed to me before. After this course, the search is over - just roll up the sleeves and gotta put it all into practise now!" - Naturopath Sirli


"Mentoring with Carla has always been my clinical and business development secret weapon! Her help is very practical and her care and inspiration has helped me go from new practitioner, to new working mum, to thriving business owner with my own product line. This mentoring program is a game changer." 

- Nutritionist Emma

"I found Carla's "Learn with Me - Mentoring Course" came at the perfect time for me.  I was stuck with making changes to my Naturopathic career and this course is not only practical but bursting with business inspiration and big ideas, and a totally workable framework to help you make changes to the way you practice.  The support from Carla and interactions with the group provide a safe arena to bounce ideas and get real feedback.  I now have a network of practitioners and business people who understand our profession, to bring my plan to life.  

As well as inspiration and business practices the "Cherry on Top" for me has been Carla's generosity in sharing her knowledge from her years of experience and passion for Complementary medicine. 

Thoroughly enjoyed it, had fun along the way, and I'm about to launch into something new and exciting really soon!"

- Naturopath Lou

VM Spectrum Sessions: Services

Program Details:

26 recorded 'Learn With Me' lessons including:

  • Celebrating you

  • Overcoming the biggest issues practitioners tell me they have

  • Craft & formalise your personal, clinical & professional dreams

  • Envisioning & your success

  • Knowing yourself & your ideal clients

  • Creating your blueprint

  • Positive financial planning

  • Your self-care & burnout prevention plan

  • Clinic how to's

  • Your unique consultation structure for success

  • The power of timelines in clinic & business

  • The patient journey - let's formalise their best experience

  • Acute care - can you afford not to offer it?

  • Trade secrets & learnings from my 20 year old Dispensary

  • How to inspire 30 action days

  • Case study series - from my desk

  • Enhancing your business with a 'cherry on top'

  • Your TED Talk

  • Marketing & social media

  • Big sales funnels

  • Building your future dream team

  • What success looks like in the CM industry

  • More than 10 amazing inspiration special guests share their best tips, tools and success stories


  • 8 x live Q&A sessions to attend on Zoom or watch as a recording throughout the 6 months

  • 2 x 1:1 online mentoring sessions with Carla to use as you need over the 6 month mentoring program – valued at $250

Program Bonus: 

  • Optional additional 1:1 mentoring sessions at a reduced price for 2024 - $89 each, normally $125

  • Access to Peninsula Herbal Dispensary resources 

  • Access to learning and Q&A’s with many of your favorite #natstruck practitioners 

  • Bonus industry samples, education and connections where appropriate

  • CPE Completion Certificate for approximately 35 hours

Rowing Crew

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign the tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Learn With Me - Practitioner 6 month Mentoring Program next round starts July 2024

All 26 content sessions are virtual, recorded and available for viewing at your convenience throughout 2024, with a session being released each Monday mornings at 9am AEST for 26 weeks. Learn with Carla live in 8 key Q&A sessions over the program, attend on Zoom or watch as a recording throughout the 6 months (dates to be confirmed). Two personal 1:1 online mentoring sessions with Carla to use as you need over the 6 month program.

The 6 month program will run from 29th July 2024 until late January 2025.

All sessions are virtual and recorded so will be available for viewing at your convenience until the end of April 2025. 



On EOFY Sale now 50% off until midnight 29/6/24

GOLD TICKET - $2399.00 AUD (EOFY SALE now $1199.50 to midnight 29/6/24 - This is a Gold Ticket - you will receive a bonus mentoring gift from Carla on signing up valued at $125 until sold out or midnight 26/7/24

Payment Plan Ticket - $605 X 2 monthly payments for EOFY SALE now $1210 until midnight 29/6/24 - Normally 4 monthly payments (total $2420) until sold out or midnight 26/7/24

Buy your ticket HERE

  • Secure your spot fast as the group number is limited

  • Bookings close 26/7/24 or when sold out

  • Session 1 released 29th July 9am AEST

  • First 1:1 mentoring session bookings available early August 2024

  • First Live Q&A session will be early August 2024

  • All sessions are virtual, recorded and will be available for viewing at your convenience until the end of April 2025

Boring Bits:

  • No refunds available

  • Purchasing a payment plan ticket is a commitment to the total payment of $2400, access to the course content and mentoring will cease if payments are missed

  • In the event of non attendance/completion by end of April 2024 strictly no extensions or refund will be given.

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