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Learn with me: Practitioner Mentoring Sessions 

This 20+ session program is a step by step approach to creating and achieving personal, clinical and professional success. A legacy of sorts to Carla's 22 years of learning, consulting and establishing a successful business in the Complementary Medicine Industry. Learn with me is a collection of paced mentoring sessions designed by Carla Wrenn to empower Naturopaths and Nutritionists to achieve This is the first time Carla is offering a formalised and exclusive 6 month mentoring program.

This program will have a clinical focus while also covering business and professional development. Carla will share her strengths, skills and lessons from 22 years in practice and business; building multiple successful business arms from Peninsula Herbal Dispensary to practitioner education and a professional speaking career. 


Carla's aim is to help you see the sky is the limit. You can achieve your hugest dreams. Whether it be a full virtual clinic, a practice full of niched patients, developing a product line, becoming a leading practitioner, securing your dream clinic position or owning the clinic! Maybe it’s something else altogether? 


"Mentoring with Carla has always been my clinical and business development secret weapon! Her help is very practical and her care and inspiration has helped me go from new practitioner, to new working mum, to thriving business owner with my own product line. This mentoring program will be a game changer." 

- Naturopath Emma

VM Spectrum Sessions: Services

Program Details

20 + recorded mentoring session made up of:

Learn with me topical sessions including:

  • Celebrating You & the biggest issues practitioners tell me they have

  • Envisioning & your success

  • Knowing yourself & your ideal clients

  • Yay! A blueprint

  • Your care plan

  • Clinic how to's

  • The power of timelines in clinic & business

  • Acute care - can you afford not to offer it

& so much more...

And a combination of:

  • Special guests 

  • Case discussion from my clinic

All sessions are virtual, recorded and available for viewing at your convenience until October 2023. 


Program Bonus: 

  • Optional of 1:1 mentoring sessions at a reduced price for 2023 - $89 each, normally $125

  • CPE Completion Certificate

Rowing Crew

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign the tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Tickets currently unavailable

Boring Bits:

  • No refunds available

  • In the event of non attendance/completion by October 2023 strictly no extensions or refund will be given.

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