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Best known for her support of Oncology patients, Carla provides evidence based integrative Naturopathic support, alongside Medical Oncology care, to patients with Cancer to promote enhanced treatment outcomes, side effect prevention and management. As well as personalised treatment protocols including dietary and lifestyle interventions, to improve long term health and wellbeing, while providing patient and carer empowerment and support.

From July 2024 Carla will predominately work guiding people with cancer through her new

specialised PROSPER Cancer CARE clinic via Telehealth and in person at Peninsula Herbal Dispensary.

Prosper (Verb.)

To flourish physically; grow strong and healthy,

to become strong and flourishing,

to cause to succeed or thrive.


Carla designed PROSPER Cancer CARE clinic after years of working with Oncology patients so she could better serve their needs. Carla found that although a general consult structure achieves great things for her patients; there was not the time or space to truly educate her patients on all that evidence based complementary medicine including what detailed dietary,  lifestyle and psycho oncology initiatives could achieve for them. Thus she felt her patients were missing out or were not supported as she would like them to be as things inevitably change regularly  between consultations or they had more detailed requirements around food, severe symptom relief, safety considerations, questions about additional therapies and more.

PROSPER is the way Carla has catered for the unique needs of her oncology patients so they can prosper before, during and after cancer treatment. PROSPER is simply put 'all you need to know about using complementary medicines in oncology'.


PROSPER is a combination of 1:1 consultations, integrative oncology naturopathic assessments and personalised prescriptions in the form of Carla's signature Care Plan. Plus Carla's Curated Cancer Compendium of evidence based resources on natural complementary medicines in Oncology, optional weekly live access to Carla in a Telehealth group calls so you can get all your questions answered, meal plans, recipes and more... all for up to 6 months or more!

Now that's care that will ensure you truly Prosper.

Please note Carla happily acts as a key part of your integrative healthcare team to help you achieve your optimal wellness and is happy to liaise with your oncologists, surgeon, GP or allied health providers.

More Information  about the PROSPER Cancer CARE, register your interest HERE, to hear first!

To speak to Carla about joining the PROSPER Cancer CARE

or your suitability for 1:1 Oncology Support Consultation,

book a Discovery Call below.

Health Shake


Utilising the best of Naturopathic philosophies and Functional Medicine to address your health concerns.


Suitable for children or adults, Carla's consultations are a great way to begin to understand your health in a whole new way, reviewing your current and past health history, your genetic, diet and lifestyle factors, diagnosis and pathology testing, to make a plan that puts you in charge of your health. You will feel the difference in yourself and understand how you can preserve your own and your loved ones health for the future. 


Especially suited for patients with general health concerns and complex or chronic conditions like autoimmune disease or 'invisible illness'

Initial Appointment $230 & Return Appointments $115

Additional products may be recommended and are purchased at your discretion.

For further details on charges please call (03)59770117 for assistance.

Wild Path


Carla offers fellow Naturopathic Practitioners and Students unbiased education in her Learn With Me Mentoring and Education Series. Along with one-on-one mentoring appointments in person or online and the PHD Internship.

Designed to enable you to increase your experience, confidently grow your practice and support your patients, with even the most complex and chronic health issues, using Carla's successful and unique blend of Naturopathic Cancer Support,  Functional Medicine & Acute Care Dispensary experience.

Booking are now open for Practitioner Training

Learn With Me: Acute Care Training for Practitioners details here

PROSPER Oncology Support Training for Practitioners details here

Learn With Me: Practitioner 6 month Mentoring Program read more and register your interest here

To Book a one-on-one Mentoring Session click the button below.

Grapefruit and Vitamins



March - September 2024 - Learn With Me: 6 month Practitioner Mentoring - register interest here

Ongoing - PROSPER Oncology Support Training for Practitioners - join here


September 2024 - ATMS Post Viral Symposium - Naturopathic Strategies for post viral illness - listen here

May 2023 - ATMS Natural Medicine Week Event - Novel & Effective Support for Long COVID Sufferers - listen here

August 2023 - BioCeuticals Clinical Mastery: Neuroinflammation & the cognitive impacts of post-viral syndromes - listen here

Over the last 20+ years Carla has spoken professionally to both healthcare professionals and the general public on topics including Integrative Oncology, Complex Disease, Chronic Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Menopause, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Healthy School Lunchboxes and more. Carla is also an active member of multiple industry advisory groups and an industry ambassador.

Carla is also open to collaborating on product development

and wellbeing program production.

For Consultative & Speaker Rates & Availability, please get in touch.

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