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Carla loves to collaborate and share her passion for healthcare and Naturopathic Medicines.


March - September 2023 - Learn With Me: 6 month Practitioner Mentoring (Join Here)

May 2023 - BioMedica Addressing complex post-viral immune dysfunction: case based learning (Listen Here)

May 2023 - ATMS Natural Medicine Week Event - Novel & Effective Support for Long COVID Sufferers (Listen Here)

August 2023 - BioCeuticals Clinical Mastery: Neuroinflammation & the cognitive impacts of post-viral syndromes (Listen Here)

August  2023 - Integria Symposium Help your clients PROSPER a focus on post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy treatment fatigue (Book Here) 

Late 2023 - Vitae Mosaic Online Practitioner Training Final Event (Register Your Interest)

Over the last 20+ years Carla has collaborate and spoken professionally to both healthcare professionals, manufactures and the general public on topics including Integrative Oncology, Complex Disease, Chronic Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Menopause, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Healthy School Lunchboxes and more. Carla is also an active member of multiple industry advisory groups and an industry ambassador.

Carla is also open to collaborating on product development and wellbeing program production.

For Consultative & Speaker Rates & Availability, please get in touch.

Here's a small sample of the companies, organisations, groups, schools and like minded professionals Carla works with providing presentations, training, patient education, publications or product and program development:

Collaborators: About

Current & Past Collaborations

Carla has proudly collaborated with the following wonderful businesses and industry bodies.

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