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Australian Long COVID Community Education Session Sign Up 

Australian Long COVID Community Education Session with Naturopath Carla Wrenn

Wednesday 31st August at 5:30pm AEST 

Invited by Fran Colman to share an educational session with the Australian Long COVID Community of Facebook, I look forward to discussing my research and experience in the support of post COVID concerns using evidence based integrative and complementary medicines.

- Carla Wrenn BHSc(Nat) ATMS

In this session we will:

  • consider the aetiology, holistic and complementary medicine understanding and the functional medicine drivers of Long COVID

  • explore the research base, mechanistic and theoretical herbal and nutritional approaches

  • review the researched benefits of lifestyle medicine in Long COVID

  • discuss my clinical experience and learnings

  • facilitate a 10 minute question time session for pre submitted questions

Please complete the form below to be notified of the Zoom Details for the event, submit a question and receive the details of the recording if you can not attend live. 

Learn more about the Australian Long COVID Community on Facebook here.

An email with the event details will be emailed to you on Tuesday 30th August
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