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Carla offers a different type of health CARE - Integrating Functional Medicine with Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition.

Carla has a special interest in Integrative Oncology, Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Disease.

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Learn with me - Mentoring Program

For the first time ever Carla is offering a formalised and exclusive 6 month mentoring program. 

This program will have a clinical focus while also covering business and professional development for Naturopathic and Nutritional Practitioners.

The program will be limited in numbers with only one program running in 2023.

Learn with Carla the secrets of her success in this practical, engaging and confidence building program designed to help you achieve your clinical, professional and personal dreams.  





Best known for her support of Oncology patients, Carla provides evidence based integrative Naturopathic support, alongside Medical Oncology care, to patients with Cancer to promote enhanced treatment outcomes, side effect prevention and management. As well as personalised treatment protocols including dietary and lifestyle interventions, to improve long term health and wellbeing, while providing patient and carer empowerment and support.

In 2021 Carla will predominately work guiding patients through her new

6 month intensive 'Prosper Naturopathic Oncology Program'.

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Utilising the best of Naturopathic philosophies and Functional Medicine to address your health concerns.


Suitable for children or adults, Carla's consultations are a great way to begin to understand your health in a whole new way, reviewing your current and past health history, your genetic, diet and lifestyle factors, diagnosis and pathology testing, to make a plan that puts you in charge of your health. You will feel the difference in yourself and understand how you can preserve your own and your loved ones health for the future. 


Especially suited for patients with general health concerns and complex

or chronic conditions like autoimmune disease or 'invisible illness'

Initial Appointment $230 & Return Appointments $115

Additional products may be recommended and are purchased at your discretion.

For further details on charges please call (03)59770117 for assistance.

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Carla offers fellow Naturopathic Practitioners and Students unbiased education in one-on-one appointments in person or online and the PHD Internship. Designed to enable you to increase your experience, confidently grow your practice and support your patients, with even the most complex and chronic health issues, using Carla's successful and unique blend of Naturopathic, Functional Medicine & Acute Care Dispensary.

As well as through her National Education Programs in Complex Case Management, Vitae Mosaic Naturopathic Functional Medicine - Practitioner Training Events read more Here.

Learn More about PHD Internship opportunities for Students & Practitioners Here.

To Book a one-on-one Mentoring Session click the button below.

Grapefruit and Vitamins



May 2022 - ACNEM Integrative Cancer Care (Oncology Support)

May 2022 - NHAA Herbal Medicine Summit (Long Covid)

August 2022 - ACNEM Autoimmune Summit (Thyroid Health Support)

August 2022 - NMHNZ Conference (Oncology Support)

October 2022 - Activated Probiotics Symposium 

December 2022 - February 2023 - Summer School for Vitae Mosaic & PROSPER Oncology Prac Training

Lots of other exciting, not yet released, events planned for 2023

Over the last 20+ years Carla has spoken professionally to both healthcare professionals and the general public on topics including Integrative Oncology, Complex Disease, Chronic Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Menopause, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Healthy School Lunchboxes and more. Carla is also an active member of multiple industry advisory groups and an industry ambassador.

Carla is also open to collaborating on product development

and wellbeing program production.

For Consultative & Speaker Rates & Availability, please get in touch.

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PROSPER Oncology Support Training for Practitioners

"Working with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer was not initially a focus in my clinic, but working in a small town word of mouth led to referrals from my current clients to care for their family members with cancer diagnosis. With Carla's education and support I have been able to confidently and effectively support these patients alongside their standard oncology care to reduce their side effects and improve their wellbeing. This work is so rewarding and has led to a huge growth in my clinic." - Teneille O (Naturopath)


"Regular support from Carla with my cancer care patients has made me feel like I have a colleague I can really rely on, a session with her makes even the most complex cases and questions seem logical and manageable. Thanks Carla." - Liz C (Naturopath & Nutritionist

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We would love to hear from you! For more information on working with Carla, her consultations, practitioner mentorships & education programs, speaking engagements or collaborations please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you wish to book a consultation you can also call or book online.

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84 Main Street Mornington VIC Australia 3931



03 5977 0117

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