Carla offers a different type of health CARE - Integrating Functional Medicine with Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition.

Carla has a special interest in Integrative Oncology, Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Disease.


Vitae Mosaic is ONLINE

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"I love going to live events, but sometimes you can’t!
Babies, work, travel and the costs involved.
As a lecturer and mentor online it’s been fantastic for busy practitioners and especially those living rurally who always miss out to be able to access my courses, and now Carla Wrenn and her Vitae Mosaic Course is online.
This system is a game changer in practice, it was a full weekend commitment... now it’s a 6 week online course! Soon it’ll link with Simple Clinic software making it the perfect system for every practitioner."
- Geraldine Headley

“Invaluable. Generous. Amazing. A must! Thank you, thank you.” – Kate Rowe

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Carla will utilise her unique blend of the best of Naturopathy, Nutrition & Functional Medicine to address your health concerns.


Best known for her support of Oncology patients, Carla provides evidence based Naturopathic support to patients with Cancer. Carla happily acts as a key part of your integrative healthcare team to help you achieve your optimal wellness.


Carla offers fellow Naturopathic Practitioners and Students unbiased education in one-on-one appointments in person or online and the PHD Internship. Designed to enable you to increase your experience, confidently grow your practice and support your patients, with even the most complex and chronic health issues, using Carla's successful and unique blend of Naturopathy, Functional Medicine & Acute Care through her Herbal Dispensary.

Carla also educates Students & Practitioners through her National Education Programs in Complex Case Management, Vitae Mosaic Naturopathic Functional Medicine - 2 day Practitioner Training Event read more Here.

Learn More about PHD Internship opportunities for Students & Practitioners Here.

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May 2019 - Vitae Mosaic Brisbane - Learn More Here

March 2019 - Metagenics The Maladies of Modernity Melbourne

February 2020 - Natupreneur Experience with Tammy Guest - Learn More Here 

Over the last 17 years Carla has spoken professionally to both healthcare professionals and the general public on topics including Integrative Oncology, Autoimmune Disease, Menopause, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Healthy School Lunchboxes and more.

Carla is also open to collaborating on product development

and wellbeing program production.



We would love to hear from you! For more information on working with Carla, her consultations, practitioner mentorships & education programs, speaking engagements or collaborations please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you wish to book a consultation you can also call or book online.

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