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Long COVID CARE is a virtual clinic offering solutions for sufferers of post COVID conditions with collaborative, evidence based CM care & prompt prescription delivery, I am so proud of all we are achieving for this patient group with a specialised clinic. - Carla Wrenn

Long COVID Support Training for Practitioners 

After a very successful presentation at NHAA Symposium in May Carla has been asked by numerous Practitioners for mentoring and further training on support for patients suffering from PASC or Long COVID.

"Daily Long COVID or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV2 Infection (PASC) patients are presenting in my clinic, up to 5 a day, that's 20 a week, just in my practice! Is this the new pandemic in Natural, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Clinics? At the moment it would seem so." 

Now available to purchase as a recording of the extremely popular June 2022 practitioner training event. 

"Such an incredible reminder that CM Pracs have so many tools to help with all the facets of long COVID and the research to back it up. Comprehensive & Engaging." - Tammy Guest (Naturopath, Natupreneur Hub)

Did you attend my NHAA Herbs for Long COVID Healing presentation? You will still find great information in this presentation. This is double the length, covering more clinical strategies and interventions, new research, post vax Long COVID and more clinically relevant info including further case studies. 

VM Spectrum Sessions: Services

In this 90 minute session you will: 

  • examine the statistics, research base and aetiology 

  • consider the holistic and complementary medicine understanding and the functional medicine drivers of Long COVID

  • explore the research base, mechanistic and theoretical herbal and nutritional approaches

  • review the researched benefits of lifestyle medicine in Long COVID

  • discuss my clinical experience, learnings and case analysis

  • review herbal and nutritional prescriptions

  • share patient handouts

  • facilitate a 10-15 minute question time


Mentees & Past Students:

"Amazing information to take back to clinic for Long COVID - Post COVID support." - Sarah E (Herbalist)

"Carla's breadth of knowledge on CM evidence based support for patients suffering post viral fatigue and diagnosed Long COVID has allowed me to confidently assess, refer and support my patients in a truly integrative way."- Anonymous (Integrative GP)


"Wow, thankyou so much for your presentation tonight. SO. MUCH. INFORMATION! I am super grateful to you…" - Claire S (Naturopath)

You will leave with a:


  • clear plan to support patients

  • clinical pearls to improve patients outcomes

  • a suggested referral network to better support this patient group in your clinic and community 

  • downloadable PDF notes 

  • full references to research papers provided

  • further reading and learning list 

  • CPE completion certificate


90 minute Online Practitioner Training - RECORDING of 22nd June 2022 Event

Investment: $49 +GST HERE 


  • Purchase are non-refundable.

  • In the event of the 3 month link expiring no refund will be given.


Please complete the Contact Form here to ask any questions.

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