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Invisible Illness - do you have one?

I meet many people with 'invisible illnesses'. It's the type of illness that has many symptoms but no obvious cause or diagnosis.

When these people come to me they are in search of someone to find what is wrong with them often after they have been told time and again that they are 'well', but they believe otherwise. Often they now feel no one believes them.

Naturopathic Doctor Carrie Louise Daenell explains this well "What I’m talking about is the truly invisible. You may have lost everything, but you have no diagnosis. All of your lab tests are “fine” and you are told you are “fine” but you are NOT fine!"

You may feel bone tired, unusual pains, brain fog, emotional, digestive issues or hormonal complaints.... But all your tests are 'fine'.

This is where I find combining all the tests already completed by your Doctor with naturopathic medicine, functional pathology, individualised assessments and my wholistic approach to your system and systemic biology can help you find what is wrong. We look at things from a different perspective, with great results.

I will use my unique blend of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine I have coined as Vitae Mosaic, to uncover what previously seemed invisible.

You will leave with a better understanding of your health history, your bodies workings, what your tests tell me about your optimal wellness, what we can improve and simple dietary, nutritional, lifestyle or medicinal interventions.

My catch phrase is 'I love the hard cases' and I really do... if this is you I would love to help.


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