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Connecting the dots with Vitae Mosaic

Connecting the dots is my job, problem solving, finding the solutions and putting the pieces back together. Healthcare Mosaic style! Who is helping you understand the pieces of your health? Your unique health picture - your Vitae Mosaic?

Your GP or specialist?! Frequently in the very narrow systems based approach of our current health system this does not occur.

If it's your thyroid you will be sent to see an endocrinologist, if it's your joints you see a rheumatologist, but what if you have both a thyroid and joint issue? Understanding your whole body rather than independently treating each area is surely important. I do not believe in medicine by organ, I believe in medicine by organism, healthcare for the whole person!

When a GP refers to a 'system only' focussed specialist our current health system leaves no one understanding all the pieces of your health. I am SO passionate about this as I consistently find this 'organ/system only' healthcare model does NOT provide the ideal care needed to educate an ill person or give them the knowledge they need to truly improve their whole health and wellbeing in the short or long-term. This is the knowledge my patients tell me they are after!

I use a system I call Vitae Mosaic, it's Naturopathic Functional Medicine. This patient centred approach helps me examine the WHOLE OF YOU - now and over your lifetime, looking at the underlying issues not just the symptoms!

I sat with a lovely lady yesterday who I would say is at her wits end. She is over herself and her health issues! Chronic Fatigue, Hashimottos, T2 Diabetes, Depression, self described sugar addiction and more. With a big feeling of 'never been well since'... Our current standard medical system does not deal well with all these symptoms as they are multi-system illnesses. By working as a team this lovely lady and I dissected the symptoms, the layers, the multiple systems, lifestyle, dietary and other factors involved - her unique 'mosaic pieces' to create better health.

With my Vitae Mosaic system in mind we made a plan that will put her whole self back together, despite the fact her symptoms covered multiple systems. A couple of supplements, some testing and dietary changes. By the end of the consult we were both buzzing with excitement. The pieces were coming together and we could see a way forward. More importantly she could see a way forward.

A way that encourages the team healthcare approach of the accountable patient, myself and ideally includes her GP, Specialists and other allied health practitioners, who will work with an integrative approach for the good of the patient.

I will update you on her progress in a few weeks! In the mean time, have a think if your whole health is being considered by your healthcare team or would the Vitae Mosaic approach suit you too?

If you are a Naturopathic Practitioner and want to learn more about Vitae Mosaic in your practice click VITAE MOSAIC in the menu above -

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