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Functional Medicine - the NEW evidence & why I love it...

The evidence for Functional Medicine is in and just like in my practice, the results are game changing. Functional Medicine’s tools, resources and philosophies are helping patients make much needed health changes faster and achieve signicantly better self reported quality of life improvements when compared to patients in standard care. This new research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open, into the functional medicine model of healthcare has demonstrated significant beneficial and sustainable outcomes for patients. Great news as the study seems to mimic the positive changes I see utilising FM in my Naturopathic practice. “The aim of the two-year study was to assess the association between functional medicine and patient-reported outcome measures. The study examined 1,595 patients treated in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine and 5,657 patients seen in primary care at a family health center (7,252 patients in total), assessing health-related quality of life using internationally accepted patient health-related quality of life (HRQoL) reporting systems. The study found that at 6 months, functional medicine patients exhibited significantly larger improvements in self-reported scores than patients treated at a conventional family health centre.” The Australian Your Health Your Choice article states(article below).

I see this as a great reminder as to why I started using Functional Medicine in my practice in 2015, why it helps my patients so much and another great reason to add Functional Medicine tools, skills and resources to your practice with Vitae Mosaic - Functional Medicine created for Australian Practitioners, suitable for NZ and International Practitioners too. Read more about why Functional Medicine is a great addition to your healthcare or practice Your Health Your Choice Functional Medicine Article Read more about Vitae Mosaic Read the original JAMA Network paper Book a consultation with me to experience Functional Medicine

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